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Academic Skills: Mathematics

The Comprehensive Mathematical Abilities Test–Second Edition (CMAT-2) is a highly reliable and valid measure that was designed to assess a broad spectrum of mathematical abilities in the areas of calculation, reasoning, and application.
The FAM is a comprehensive test of mathematics designed to examine the underlying neurodevelopmental processes that support the acquisition of proficient math skills.
The TEMA-3 measures informal and formal concepts in numbering skills, number-comparison facility, numeral literacy, mastery of number facts, calculation skills, and understanding of concepts.
The TOMA-3 assesses major skill areas of math, as well as the student's attitude toward math. This new edition features updated norms and expanded reliability and validity statistics.
The MFaCTS-E is designed to evaluate and track progress in math fluency and calculation skills appropriate to grades 1 through 5.
The MFaCTS-S can be used to obtain a snapshot of math fluency and calculation skills or to measure progress for individual students or groups at the secondary level.