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ATP Assessments is currently seeking test examiners. Examiners will be paid for their time and can earn a complimentary test kit.

ATTN: Speech-Language Pathologists and School/Clinical/Neuro Psychologists

The Abbreviated Test of Working Memory (aTWM) is an assessment that measures various aspects of working memory, and is designed for ages 5 through 70+ years. Currently Hiring.

The Test of Information Processing Skills, Second Edition (TIPS-2) is a revision of the original assessment which measures how well an individual, ages 5 through 90+, processes information and learns/retains new information. Currently Hiring.

The Expressive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test, Fifth Edition (EOWPVT-5) and The Receptive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test, Fifth Edition (ROWPVT-5) are revisions of our classic vocabulary tests. The EOWPVT-5 gives an assessment of how well individuals can name (in English) objects, actions or concepts presented in full-color pictures. The ROWPVT-5 gives an assessment of how well individuals can match a word that is orally presented (in English) to full color pictures which represent objects, actions, or concepts.

ATTN: Speech-Language Pathologists

The Receptive Expressive, Social Communication Assessment-Early Language Development (RESCA-ELD) is a test designed for young children. It provides a play-based set of items for younger children that includes toys, a board book and puppets so it feels like a more natural interaction with the examiner, as well as easel/plate-based items for the older preschool/kindergarten-age children who can participate in more structured testing tasks. It is a “sister” test to the RESCA-E test.

The Language-Neutral Assessment of Motor Speech for young children (LAMS) was developed as a play-based, language-independent motor speech assessment to assess young, hard-to-test children across barriers of language and culture. It is envisioned as an easily available, simple tool that will be useful to clinicians who want to assess motor speech skills in young children from any background.

The Receptive, Expressive, Social Communication Assessment-Elementary Second Edition (RESCA-E2), revises the original RESCA-E published in 2015. The second edition updates selected scoring rubrics, adds/deletes stimulus items, and adds a new rapid-naming subtest. One of the primary goals is to reduce the administration time so that the core subtests can be administered in an hour or less.

The Receptive, Expressive, Social Communication Assessment-Adolescent (RESCA-A) is a companion to the RESCA-E with the format and focus being similar in structure and content but includes higher-level tasks that examine the same domains. One of the primary goals is to be able to administer the core subtests in an hour or less.

ATTN: Occupational Therapists

The Screening Assessment of Sensory Integration (SASI) provides a performance-based measure of sensory processing and motor organization. The SASI also includes several new subtests not typically included in other measures of sensory integration.

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ATP regularly seeks qualified occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, school psychologists, clinical psychologists, and reading specialists to participate in field trials of new and revised tests. Participants will be provided with all testing materials at no cost and will be paid for their time. Qualifying participants will be eligible to receive a free test kit when it is published.

There is a need for SPANISH-BILINGUAL examiners who can provide data for valid and reliable assessments for Spanish-speaking children and adults. The data collected from children and adults will enable us to provide national norms and validity studies.

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